Wednesday, September 09, 2009

VA GOP candidate McDonnell's 2003 remarks about gay "conduct" come to the fore

Virginia’s GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell has drawn even more flack recently, because of some 2003 comments to the effect that “active” gays might not be fit for judgeships because the violate Virginia’s “crimes against nature” laws, since invalidated by the Supreme Court Lawrence v. Texas ruling in June 2003. The comment seemed to play on the "conduct" v "status" dichotomy articulated by Bill Clinton in the early days of the 1993 debate over gays in the military.

This follows on the heels of a 1989 master’s thesis in which he insinuated that homosexuals and singles should make sacrifices for conventional families with children, a point of view that gets articulated in conservative circles but seems to stay out of the attention of the mainstream media. However, should states start enforcing filial responsibility laws under budget pressures during the recession, such thinking style could come back.

The NBC Washington story on Sept. 9 is here.

However the Blue Virginia blog (“Think globally, blog locally”) quoted David Lampo, president of Virginia LCR, as saying he didn’t believe that McDonnell holds these 1950s-style views (on “family values”) now, and that the views contradict the libertarian principles upon which this country is based, link here.

Here's a website of "Bob McDonnell's blueprint to take Virginia backwards", link.

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