Sunday, October 04, 2009

Bill Clinton blames gay leadership for 1993 debacle leading to "don't ask don' tell"

I notice an editorial by Kevin Naff in The Washington Blade, back on Aug. 21, 2009, “’Don’t Ask’ is our fault? Angry Clinton points fingers, revises history at Netroots outburst,” link here.

Naff writes that Clinton was speaking at Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh, when he criticized gay leadership for not supporting him in Congress and for naively assuming he could push forward an executive order lifting the ban, given the political climate in 1993.

He also said that he supports gay marriage, but that the issue should be left to the states (Obama more or less says that), conveniently ignoring the issue of federal benefits for legal spouses.

On Oct. 2, Naff had a great editorial on the difficulty police (in Washington DC, at least) and district attorneys have in prosecuting hate crimes against gay men from racial minorities. Recently, someone got off with 180 days for assault for beating a gay man to death, with the prosecution noting that the victim’s inebriation could have contributed to his death.

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