Saturday, October 24, 2009

DC Reel Affirmations holds closing night party: a second chance to see "The Big Gay Musical"

Tonight I made it to the Reel Affirmations LGBT film festival in Washington DC closing night party, but not until after a five-hour power outage at home in Arlington. It seems that Dominion Power skimps on maintenance, so that customers lose out anytime there is even a slight storm. The party took place on the second floor pavilion of the Harman Center of the Shakespeare Theater Company at 6th and F in Washington DC, near the Verizon Center. The space was small compared to venues of the past (an open tent behind the Lincoln Theater in Cardozo). But some of the cast was there.

I got to see most of the film “The Big Gay Musical”, directed by Casper Andreas and Fred M. Caruso, on the plasma screens at the party, but have not heard the music yet. I could tell that the story had to do with beating back the ex-gay stuff. There was a lot of “intimacy”, and it seemed that the grand total count (SQL function!) of body hairs of the male cast was zero, so there must have been a lot of waxing or epilation of the cast—it looked a bit artificial. The website for the film is here. “When you try to be the person you’re not…”

I’ll review in full when I can find/buy a DVD or watch on Logo (haven’t checked Logo yet). I’ve heard it will be in theaters in February 2010 (TLA? Strand Releasing?)

Afterwards, at Town DC in Cardozo (neae the Lincoln Theater, the site for Reel Affirmations in previous years) a lean guy from the audience really "got it" from the drag queens (forced shirt removal) on stage, and what followed was a replay of Baltimore's White Party. The crowd builds up there once the Saturday night college football games finish at nearby Nellie's sports bar. It's all strange bedfellows.

Update:  There is a review on my movies blog of "The Big Gay Musical" Aug. 17, 2011; the film is now available from Netflix.

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