Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009 in DC (17th St this time)

Well, Halloween is lively on the DC Metro, with about two-third of passengers in costumes. On 17th Street in DC, not as many patrons were in costume as the "general population." Cobalt upstairs disco floor was pretty full by about 11 PM, and the liveliest dance moves went on right in the middle of the floor, not on the stage. Curiously, the DJ cut off the music suddenly, as if it had failed, to announce the start of the costume contest, and then resumed the music.

Someone wearing an SLDN "Lift the Ban" shirt got me admitted without a cover charge.

JR's wasn't quite as packed as I expected, but the drag retreat seemed to live on the upstairs landing.

Back at Farragut West Metro, a large crowd assembled, as if to watch an alien autopsy. The costumes tonight included Santa Claus (in October), and a gay male couple with one of the men in the "Reds" hammer and scycle.

So much for All Hallows Eve. All Saints Day must follow. I love that hymn "For all the saints."

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