Monday, November 30, 2009

DC Agenda reports on harsh anti-gay law proposed in Uganda

I picked up the second issue of “DC Agenda” at brunch at Freddie’s in Arlington Sunday. It’s in black and white, and some of the articles continue onto the web.

One of the most striking stories (by Chris Johnson) concerned a demonstration at the Embassy of Uganda over a proposed anti-gay law that would even make it a crime to form LGBT organizations or publish pro-gay materials in the country. It could also provide the death penalty for sodomy by an HIV-infected person. Some non-democratic or third world societies really do try to pass such laws.

There is also a discussion of an interview by the Senate Armed Services Committee of Retired Marine Corps General Clifford Stanley, who would oversee the end of “don’t ask don’t tell” with a new, conduct-based policy, probably modeled somewhat after the Rand proposal of 1993.

Update: Friday Dec. 18:

Check Michael Gerson's article "Faith, folly and Uganda's anti-homosexuality bill", here in the Washington Post today.

See my International Issues blog March 11, 2010 for an updated story on the Uganda situation from ABC News.

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