Sunday, December 13, 2009

Public relations firms earn ire of gay activists when hired to help anti-gay marriage referendums

Jesse McKinley has an important story on the National page of the Sunday New York Times, “In California companies, a cottage industry for fighting same-sex marriage”, link here.

There is discussion of companies like Mar/Com Services in San Francisco (link), enlisted by anti gay marriage forces in Maine, and Schubert Flint Public Affairs (link) in Sacramento, hired by Maggie Gallagher from National Organization for Marriage.

What’s disturbing to me is probably nothing new, since “public relations” has been around as a business forever. But people get paid to be biased. To earn a living they give up their rights to use their own heads. This could get more dangerous if Internet freedoms were to be clamped down upon in the future because of all the hard-to-control risks. I see this as an existential moral issue.

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