Sunday, February 07, 2010

CBS rejects gay dating ad for Super Bowl, however ....

The Advocate has reported that CBS rejected a $2.5 million spot ad from gay dating service called Mancrunch. The story is here. CBS is indicating that the denial was related to payment issues and not to content. CBS did accept a Focus on the Family ad. There was a great gayish (Pepsi or Coke?) spot with a “cute” man on safari, attracting the admiration of wild animals, including a hyena.

LGBT viewers will probably find the 30 second commercial funny rather than “erotic.” It is not explicit enough to violate FCC network standards. The price tag shows how expensive super bowl ads are. It also relates speculation on how much money online dating services claim to make.

As for the game, New Orleans turned it into a late rout, 31-17, over the Colts, with the help of an unusual onside kick and later a catastrophic interception. Oddly, the Saints just barely got past the Redskins 33-30 during the season.

Picture: My own trip to N.O., late Feb., 2006

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