Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hawaii back to square one on civil unions; remember Hawaii on the gay marriage debate in the 1990s?

Remember how Hawaii was one of the early states with battles over gay marriage back in the 1990s? (In my first book, I characterized the debate as “percolating”.)

Lambda Legal, in a story here announced on Feb. 1 that it was joining with the ACLU of Hawaii to take legal action after the Hawaii house killed a civil unions bill passed by the state senate.

And this just about the provisions of rights in “civil unions” without the M word. In 1998, Hawaii amended the state constitution to give the legislature the right to limit marriage to a man and woman. It all seems ironic, given where the debate had been back in 1995, when I was starting my first book.

Wikipedia attribution link for pictures of lava flows.

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