Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Israel's military may set an example for repeal of "don't ask don't tell"

Newsweek (Feb. 15, 2010, p. 13) offers an interesting perspective on gays in the Israeli military by Yoni Schoenfeld, now openly gay and a major with over 16 years in the Israeli Army, “Asking and Telling in Israel”, link here. Schoenfeld also points out that military service in Israel is compulsory (a point made emphatically in the 1993 Rand Report) and that he entered the military in 1994, “just a year after the government decided that gays could serve openly in the military.” He also writes “The thought of living a lie while serving – of not being able to share one’s personal life – is hard to bear.”

Yet today The Washington Times kept out its thawing icewater jug with a Rowan Scarborough article “Views on gays in the military: Now the top brass must tell”, link here. For the chairman of the JCS to say that we don’t need the ban is not enough; now they want to poll the troops.

Picture: Where the Campaign for Military Service (on Mass. Ave. in Washington) was located in 1993, during the Clinton debates.

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