Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two generals (Army, Air Force) now question Mullen's position on lifting "don't ask don't tell"

The New York Times reported, on p A11 Wednesday Feb. 24, in a story by Thom Shanker, that some generals are still wary of repealing “don’t ask don’t tell” during two wars. The story title is “2 Generals Wary about Repealing Gay Policy: Army and Air Force Chiefs Express Concern About a Change as 2 Wars Rage,” link here. This top brass was George W. Casey, Army Chief of Staff, and Norton A. Schwartz, Air Force Chief of Staff. This challenges the position of Admiral Michael Mullen, JCS Chief in earlier Senate Armed Services Committee testimony, and could weaken the position of some that the policy should change if the military brass says it’s OK. Sen. Carl Levin. D-MI, suggests possibly suspending enforcement of the policy in most circumstances while a change is considered.

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