Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catholic school rejects kids of lesbian parents; newspaper loses subscription for showing gay couple wedding pictures

The Washington Times today (Wed. March 10) ran a story about a Colorado Catholic School’s rejecting the children of a lesbian couple for enrollment. The story had been mentioned on CNN last week. The new story appears on p A6, is by Valerie Richardson, and has this (web url) link.

The school maintains that it cannot build a constructive rapport with parents whose behavior and expected home teachings to their children would contradict the teachings of the Church.

But there were many demonstrations. The obvious point is that children are discriminated against because of the sexual orientation of their parents (or “ancestors”).

Also, television stations report that the Washington Post lost 27 home subscriptions after it posted a picture of a same-sex couple kissing in the paper, in reporting Washington DC’s recent recognition of gay marriages.

Picture: Log Cabin Republicans met Tuesday under the "piano bar" at Freddie's in Arlington VA.

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