Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Former GOP presidential primary candidate makes vitriolic anti-gay remarks, which he says are "hardly unusual"

CBS News has a story about the seemingly vitriolic anti-gay views of former Republican primary presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. He carted out the old chestnut metaphors of incest and polygamy, and said that his views were “hardly unusual.” He also opposed gay adoptions because “children are not puppies.” The link for the story is here.

“I feel homosexuality is an aberrant, unnatural, and sinful lifestyle”, he said, in reference to gays in the military. I guess he would go back to asking (like Newt Gingrich).

He also supported quarantining AIDS patients, a fear from the mid 1980s.

When he was governor of Arkansas, he favored a policy that prevented gays from serving as foster parents.

But I suspect he would support filial responsibility laws. I see at the “Everday Simplicity” site that Arkansas does have one (link).  I’ll have to check what it says later (for my “Bill retires” blog). But he probably thinks that people who don’t reproduce should be tied to supporting their parents or other family members forever. Welcome to second class citizenship.

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