Saturday, April 24, 2010

LKL on CNN presents Jennifer Knapp after her outing; Christian right comes out with the usual arguments

On Friday night April 23, Larry King Live interviewed Christian singer Jennifer Knapp , who had come out as a lesbian and announced a relationship. Knapp provided the arguments that there was no essential contradiction between her Christian faith and homosexuality. Providing counterpoint was Bob Botsford, of the Horizon Christian Fellowship, who provided the usual religious arguments against homosexuality, with some sophistication -- even though this is now 2010. Also appearing was Ted Haggard, who was removed from his evangelical church in Colorado after it was revealed he had been with a hustler. Botsford complained about the “public example” Knapp was setting.

Larry King took the usual questions on immutability and choice and tried to reach logical contradictions.

The story about Knapp in The Advocate is here.

It’s interesting to me that the “religious right” tries to keep the discussion in purely scriptural terms. No one wants to admit the reasons they have a problem with the homosexuality of others. A lot of it has to deal with the idea that if everyone has to follow the same “rules” – if nobody gets out of family responsibility (following typical Vatican arguments about “openness to procreation” and benefits of lineage), it’s easier for men especially to make and keep lifelong marital commitments – they really need the social approbation and “power over others” that they see as coming with the territory. The idea that one is running an extended family that encompasses the lives of many people, including unmarried adults, not by choice, is vital to the marital sexuality of some people. Just watch the soaps.

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