Friday, May 14, 2010

AC360, Dr. Phil weigh in on anti-gay bullying trial in California

Anderson Cooper invited Dr. Phil to his AC360 program (“keeping them honest”) Thursday night (May 13) to look at anti-gay bullying, and why teachers and administrators look the other way when it happens. They covered the case of a 15 year old eight grader, Larry, shot to death in a middle school class in California. The boy accused of the act, Brandon McInerney, is being tried as an adult for first degree murder and a hate crime. The link for the story on CNN is (web url) here.

The Ventura County Star has a blog posting (by Raul Hernandez) on the case here  indicating that a judge granted a delay in the trial. The victim was more “flamboyant” than in many other cases that still attract teasing and harassment, and there may have existed a personal relationship issue that contributed to the incident.

The Safe Schools Coalition has a pdf paper with Hightlights from the American Association of University Women’s “Hostile Hallways: Bullying, Teasing and Sexual Harassment in School”, link here.

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