Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cobalt (popular DC bar) holds women's dance Saturday

Last night (May 15), it appeared that Cobalt DC (17th and S St in Washington DC) held women’s night (or “ladies’ night) from all appearances.  That's probably a way to distinguish itself from the TownDC now providing competition. That’s the first time I’ve walked into a women’s dance. So, you say, I haven’t lived yet, or I’m chauvinist. As the night progressed, the preponderance of males gradually increased, and the dancing picked up downstairs in the 30-degree lounge as well as the dance floor. I hadn’t seen that before.  I got there shortly after midnight and found the place (which had been experiencing interest problems in the past) packed.

The Cobalt still does not seem to have a working website of its own from what I can find, so it’s hard to tell what its schedule or events are.

I see a Facebook invitation from a friend in Dallas from the 1980s (through MCC). It's early Sunday morning after a long night. I'll check it out.

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