Friday, May 28, 2010

MSM ban on blood donations to be reconsidered; roll call on House vote on DADT available; cold feet? (Happy feet?)

Madison Park reports on CNN that the federal ban on blood donations from MSM’s is about to be reconsidered. The link is here.

Nevertheless, there may be a two-week window period when no test, even for antigens or nucleic acis, can detect a very recent HIV exposure.

Possibly all blood donors should be asked about non-monogamous contacts within the past thirty days only as well as having thorough blood testing.

The Washington Times ran a reader’s letter today that tried to connect the blood issue to “don’t ask don’t tell”, an ironic combination of words, here.

The AP has provided a roll cost list on Thursday’s vote on “conditional repeal” of DADT here.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting Friday that the House bill also contains Defense spending that President Obama may veto, here.

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