Sunday, June 13, 2010

Capital Pride Block Party: Hot and Humid, with a refreshing T-storm

The Capital Pride block party on Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington today was, well, festive, not too effete (a favorite word from my days in Dallas). It was hot and humid. Repeat these words.
About 3:30 PM we had a ten minute thunderstorm to cool us off. People depended on local trees for shelter. In the mean time, rookie pitcher Stephen Strasburg was winning his second game for the Nats in Cleveland. I could really follow it on my Obama-like Blackberry, which got wet.

The Washington DC Gay Men’s Chorus performed on the stage.

I ran into some people who remembered dancing with me at Town DC. They said it was three weeks ago. It couldn’t have been; according to my photo album, the last time I visited Town DC was Friday April 30. But they showed me a cell phone photo of me, and it was me. So I would say, send the cell phone photo to me (check email on my profile) and I’ll post it. They say I look younger with no glasses and that I need contacts. That’s so vain. (The GMC did not sing “you’re so vain”).

I talked to the folks at the Washington Blade. I wish them well in getting the digital archives back, but it’s amazing that it’s so hard to hand over to some party computer files that are legally theirs.

The Washington Post has a front page story Sunday morning by Greg Jaffe, “In limbo over ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ (link).; Subtle changes taking place throughout the military ahead of expected repeal.” This time, when a soldier in Baghdad was outed, essentially nothing happened. (Although that had been the case in the early 1990s with Petty Officer Keith Meinhold until his case was “politicized.”) The article also gets into issues like whether chaplains will have difficulties with their home denominations if they can’t preach that homosexuality is sin according to their denominations (hint: many protestant denominations, even Baptists, have “liberal” and “conservative” wings).

The Metro section of the Post Sunday has a lead article by Tim Craig, “Gays aim to retain political power: activists eye D.C. elections; marriage-law victory energizes agenda.” Piddle, twiddle, and resolve!

Last picture: A Stephen Strasburg look-alike (really two of them) floated around Pride while the real Stephen Strasburg escaped from David Letterman and was winning his game Sunday pitching against the Indians in Cleveland. How many people could pitch 100-mph fastballs if given a chance?

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