Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Conservatives say Pentagon complains it was rushed into "allowing" Congress to conditionally drop DADT statute

Rowan Scarborough has a front page story in the Washington Times on Wednesday, June 2, “Military chiefs split with Mullen on gays; Deal rushes repeal of ban”, link here.

The article maintains that other chiefs wanted to wait for the Pentagon review before Congress acted to repeal section 654 of Chapter 37 of Title 10 of United States Code, “Policy concerning homosexuality in the armed forces”.

It’s strange that the other chiefs would want to keep on the books a law that actually hinders the Pentagon’s ability to use more administrative discretion in setting up its own conduct rules with regard to various kinds of issues (housing, close quarters, social media, etc). The actual rules, when promulgated, will probably be quite specific and strict.

The long newspaper article ends with a quote of Gen. Horner from the Air Force, “There’s a lot less prejudice nowadays against people who are gay, but that does not necessarily mean that people went to live side by side with them.” I thought, does he remember, “Them” was the title of a 1950s horror film: “Us” v. “Them”, the mentality of tribalism. I think his concerns are more existential in nature.

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