Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baseball has incident with manager taunting a gay umpore

Jason Whitlock of Fox has a story about an independent league manager Brent Bowers (Edmonton) taunting an openly gay umpire, Billy Van Raaphorst, when the umpire tossed him from a game for aruging. The Golden League suspended Bowers and the team implemented diversity training.

The story is titled “Ump’s ordeal shows the sad state of sports”, link (website url) here and to me it shows how the military “don’t ask don’t tell” policy sets a bad example for sensitive civilian areas.

But Whitlock introduces his story with another extrapolation. “You can’t conceal skin color in a closet or anywhere else. Denying gay people the right to marry doesn’t equate to denying black people freedom, the right to vote, equal education, etc.”

Presumably Major League Baseball would not tolerate such taunts from its managers.

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