Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ex-gay movement hits financial skids

Wayne Besen has a column in the “Anything But Straight” page of the Falls Church News, p. 14, Aug. 26, 2010, “Ex-gay industry hits the skids”, link here. As Besen argues, the groups are failing financially because their “product” doesn’t work. He also discusses Kushaba Moses and the Uganda situation. It seems that ex-gay thinking seems to be based on the idea that 'my "normal life" is exciting to me only if you have to play by the rules that I do.'

There’s an earlier interview with Raj Ayyar in GayToday here.

Wayne has his own site here

On Friday night, yes, the Town DC was a convenient Green Light ride away from Nationals Park (so is Nellie’s, where some people really watch sports, and, yes, some people know what Tommy John surgery means). Saturday night, I visited Freddie’s in Arlington, and yes, there is a little dancing now to the karaoke.

There was a bit of a libertarianesque presence in the huge Glenn Beck rally Saturday in Washington. I didn’t see any signs about abortion or gay marriage in the crowd at all.

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