Saturday, September 18, 2010

In DC, Cobalt is really dancing on Friday nights

Well, I think Donald Trump could have made his first show of the renewed “Apprentice” about redesigning a disco (the physical space and its website). In Washington DC, on 17th St, it appears that the Cobalt / 30 Degrees Lounge has proven the point, as it is REALLY packed on Friday night, after midnight, and it’s physical. Putting back in some sofas, moving the DJ, whitening the walls, etc, seems to have done the trick. So for now, the Cobalt avoids Trump’s “Board Room”. I suspect that in Trump $$, recent nights have gone well. On Saturdays, it appears that the club experiments with ladies nights. Take the lessons from all of Trump’s past boardrooms: it’s about customer service.

I think also a lot of the guys don’t want a drag show first, although last night there was an appearance of one of the “Housewives” – not sure I got the name.

See July 30 blog entry for link.

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