Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mainstream GOP politicians go to Log Cabin fundraisers, raising questions for the "social conservatives"

The Washington Post today, in an article by Perry Bacon, noted “GOP’s dilemma on gay rights: win over advocates, or risk losing its base”, link here. Recently Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) visited a Log Cabin Republicans fundraiser. He was asked to change his mind on repealing “don’t ask don’t tell” after having voted against cloture allowing the Senate bill to come vote recently. On the other hand, his visit to a Log Cabin function did anger some “social conservatives.”

Equal rights for gays, as a concept, has certainly found a home in the libertarian side of the conservative world, with the military ban a paradoxical issue because libertarians tend to see military service as a voluntary choice to begin with.

Visitors may wish to check out the 2004 documentary film “Gay Republicans” )World of Wonder, dir. Wash Westmoreland, 63 min).

It still strikes me that social conservatives have a view of “family values” that requires some portion of family responsibility and complementarity to be experienced by everyone, partly (they say) to make people less dependent on a public safety net, but also make sure that those who make and keep active familial commitments believe that others must “play fair” and do the same. Some things seem to be like that: they are easier to keep to when one believes everyone else must or will do the same.

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