Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama addresses anti-gay bullying with "it gets better" concept; repealing DADT could help with bullying

Brian Bond has a posting on the White House Blog Oct. 21 where President Obama addresses anti-gay bullying. The link is here  and there is a video that does not seem to be embeddable.

The president mentions the “it gets better” idea. As a matter of principle, that’s not a completely satisfactory answer even though it usually holds (as it did for me at one time). It sounds like it owns a bit of acquiescence, to the idea that some peer pressure to conform to the norms of the group is unavoidable when growing up and perpetrators of teasing cannot always be held accountable.

Nick Anderson has a story today (Oct. 26) in the Washington Post, “U.S. campaign takes on anti-gay bulling in school” here. The administration does contend that, post-incident, a school must look at the specific cause of a bullying incident, including anti-gay attitudes as well as anti-Semitism or other religious (anti-Muslim) intolerance, or race, or gang dynamics.

One help to changing the climate in schools specifically as to anti-gay problems is to repeal “don’t ask don’t tell” and end the legally sanctioned idea that homosexuals are not fit to share in the risk of defending the country.

NBC Nightly News ran this story about the administration and bullying on Oct. 26:

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