Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Iowans vote out state supreme court justices who ruled for gay marriage; Obama repeats pledge to end DADT day after GOP "midterm exam" rout

Three Iowa state supreme court justices were voted out of office Tuesday, the Iowa Republican reports here. The Iowas Supreme Court had struck down the state ban on gay marriage, but voters may have been upset over other issues.

The affected state supreme court justices are Marsha Ternus, David Baker, and Michael Streit.

I’ve always wondered about allowing judges to be elected (inviting partisanship), although I recall that in Texas they are elected (when I lived in Dallas in the 1980s, I was called for jury duty four times.)

On Wednesday, in a press conference, President Obama reinterated that he intends to encourage Congress to end “don’t ask don’t tell” and that service in the military should be based on performance and conduct alone. He said it would be much better for Congress to end the policy in an orderly manner than have continual litigation in courts and uncertainty for DOD as to what the policy means.

Remember, the current litigation against DADT came from the GOP!

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