Tuesday, November 30, 2010

McCain says Pentagon report will beg the question; text due today; also another spat about TSA screeners; (later: CRWG text on Scribd)

As Congress expects to learn the details of the Pentagon report on repealing DADT today, John McCain and some other Senators remain skeptical, claim that the study “begs the question” by assuming that the ban or “don’t ask don’t tell” law (passed in 1993) must be repealed. Obviously, it would be much harder to pass a repeal in 2011 with the GOP stronger in Congress (outside the influence of Log Cabin Republicans, who may seem caught in the middle now) if the repeal fails during the lame duck session.

CNN has a new story today by Chris Lawrence, “Source: most servicemembers surveyed don’t care about DADT repeal”, link here. The response rate was 28%.

The best link to the entire Comprehensive Review Working Group CRWG Report document  ("Support Plan for Implementation") seems to be on Scribd, here. The Dallas Voice seems to have the most comprehensive summary list of its findings, here. SLDN's very extensive statement is here.  It would take about a year to complete the "repeal".  The survey did show resistance among some combat troops (especially the Marine Corps, which generally "takes" territory that the Army holds) and particularly chaplains.  Search engines have placed the FRC (Family Research Council) objections to the report high on the list of returned hits from "CRWG Report" searches. 

One of the biggest issues with me has been how DADT can affect civilians outside the military, from seeming to justify anti-gay bullying to setting a precedent for other jobs where “forced intimacy” happens, the latest being TSA screeners. WUSA9 reports that Loudoun County VA supervisor Eugene Delgaudio made an inappropriate remark on a separate “conservative” website that he works for (and apparently gets paid 6 figures for), with the details here.  The website is “Public Advocate of the United States” with its daily “pro-family headlines” link here.  It talks about “porno scan machines” and a threat by a California DA to prosecute overdone pat-downs. Doesn’t this public official have a “conflict of interest”?

Here's another story about "gay patdowns" from "Dead Serious News" that sounds like something from The Onion,  link.

Picture: Fort Lee, near Petersburg, VA (Quartermaster Corps)

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