Friday, November 05, 2010

Outing celebrities: Ricky Martin, et al

Singer Ricky Martin, 38, announced that he is gay on The View recently, and that he had his two twin sons in 2008 by surrogate parenting. It would seems surprising that he had feared previously that announcing such would affect his career. He reportedly said that he came out for the sake of his two sons.

A typical story by Colleen Eagan is here. Popeater has a story ‘I am a fortunate homosexual man”, link here.

Here’s SRayon’s YouTube clip from “The View” in 2006 on outing celebrities.

Martin’s own website is here.

Martin was a popular singer in videos around 2000.  One of the most often played was "She Bangs".

Ricky Martin, looking much younger than his 38 years, appeared on Larry King Live on November 9.  Judge Judy appeared Nov. 10 and supported gay marriage, and later said "I never learned anything when i was talking!"

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