Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Don't Ask Don't Tell" Repealed in 65-31 final vote (cloture occurred earlier today)

The Senate has voted on the DADT Repeal Act by a vote of 65-31. That's almost five touchdowns of spread!  Eight Republicans voted for the repeal.  I understand that the cloture vote had taken place a little while before, around noon.

Here is the AP story on MSNBC, link.

Earlier today, John McCain (R-AZ) had given a somewhat distasteful speech, saying that while he was confident the military would follow orders of civilian leadership, that he had seen Marines at Naval Hospital “without legs” and implying that a supposed weakening of unit cohesion would lead to more casualties, a rather shocking analogy. Yet most of the pro speeches this morning talked in terms of eliminating discrimination. McCain did say he understood “the social issue arguments”. He was talking about the sharing of "sacrifice" which, however, turns out to be a reasont to repeal DADT.

The Secretary of Defense must certify that he can lift the law as it stands and replace it with administrative conduct codes (based on “common sense”) that maintain good order and discipline. Nothing in the bill guarantees benefits to same-sex partners of miltiary members. 

I played the role of delinquent activist today. I signed off listening to more conservative GOP senators make more McCain-like statements and went to see “Tron: Legacy”. When I came back, the final vote had just started (apparently the procedural cloture had occurred while I was playing hookey). For some reason, C-Span wasn’t working but MSNBC carried the vote, that took less than an hour.

Here is a CNN  video on the "History of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'"

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