Friday, December 17, 2010

Iowa GOP legislators want to impeach state supreme court justices over gay marriage ruling!

Jason Hancock has a shocking story in the Iowa Independent, “GOP legislators drafting legislation to remove Supreme Court justices: Speaker-elect Paulsen says he won’t stand in the way”, link here.  This refers to the four remaining state supreme court justices in Iowa.

It’s shocking, though, that state legislators would believe the judiciary should be impeached for “political” reasons.

The story also links to the April 3, 2009 story about the unanimous decision by the Iowa Supreme Court to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage.

Note: On Saturday, Dec 19, C-span is likely to cover the Senate cloture vote on lifting “don’t ask don’t tell”, and perhaps the simple vote later. Check it even if I haven’t yet made a posting.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Iowa state capitol in Des Moines, link here.  I visited Des Moines many times while living in Minneapolis, 1997-2003. I remember walking by the capitol and seeing this view in Nov. 2001.

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