Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Lieberman tweets that Senate is ready for cloture on DADT; then Reid postpones until at least Thursday Dec. 9; VOTE FAILS THURS.

The Washington Blade is reporting late Wednesday, in a story by Chris Johnson, that lame-duck Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is holding off on the cloture and defense authorization bill (and repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell”) until Thursday Dec. 9, link here.

Early this afternoon, I got a tweet from Senator Joe Lieberman, retweeted from “Freedom to Serve”, saying “We have 60+ votes in support of repealing #DADT - it is vitally important to reach agreement on the right process to move forward.”

It looks like it’s getting critical, but we may have a deal.

It seems as if Senator Lieberman’s appearance on Anderson Cooper’s AC360 last night might have pushed this along, although curiously he said then that the Senate should work until Christmas Eve if necessary to repeal DADT and pass defense authorization.

Anderson Cooper made this blog posting about 4:30 PM EST today, indicating a postponement on the showdown vote, here.

This is sounding like a labor union and a city transit agency approaching a strike date, with the cooling-off periods already expired.

Late Dec. 8

Anderson Cooper says that the overturning of DADT may come down to winning the vote of Maine GOP Senator Susan Collins, who said in Sept. that DADT should be repealed carefully. However, she has expressed concern over "deliberative procedure", and that the tax cut legislation could get stalled.

Update: Dec. 9

The Cloture vote failed today. SLDN has a rally Friday Dec. 10 at the north end of the Capitol. The weather will be just cool (about 40 F) and not too much wind, so attend it: directions.

CNN has a breaking news story saying that the issue is dead for this Lame Duck session; I'm not sure that's true, here.

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