Sunday, January 16, 2011

CA Congressman Duncan Hunter wants to stymie DADT repeal by requiring combat service chiefs sign-off

Duncan Hunter, conservative GOP Congressman from southern California, wants to stymie the “don’t ask don’t tell” repeal by requiring all four service branch chiefs to sign off on it individually.
Hunter’s statement (on the “DADT Report”) on his own website is dated Nov. 30, 2010 (17 years anniversary of the date of its passage) and is here

A story by Carlos Santosky was published in “On Top” Magazine (a rather explicit title for a publication) today, here.   saying that the bill jeopardizes the whole DADT repeal because Amos of the Marine Corps is unlikely to sign off in such circumstances, and Army and Air Force chiefs have expressed some concerns.  There is a “lowest common denominator” logic to all this.  You can’t say you’re “equal” if somebody else has to take all the risks to protect you.

However CNN tonight maintained that the legislation, probably due to be introduced Tuesday (after the MLK Holiday) is unlikely to go anywhere.

Today, I mentioned my own involvement in the whole DADT fight in my Mother’s memorial service, in my “Bill’s Drama and Music News and Reviews” blog, available through the Blogger profile.  Maybe the fight is not quite over. You never know who is in the audience when you have a public speaking engagement.

“Public speaking is easy” ( from “Laugh a Little, Cry a Little”, 1998).

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