Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gay couples in the South are more likely to be raising children than elsewhere in the US; Supreme Court turns down challenge to DC gay marriage law

The New York Times on Wednesday, Jan. 19, has a front page story “Gay Parents are thriving in the South, Census says”, and online the story is “Parenting by gays more common in the South, Census says”, link (website url) here.  

The story refers to a study at UCLA based on officially published aggregate data from the 2010 Census and various surveys.  Gary Gates spoke about the study for UCLA to the times.

The results of the study sugget that gay men sometimes have children from heterosexual marriages, and sometimes continue to have custody.  Gay parents are likely to be from racial or origin minorities.  Gay couples in the South may more likely to be raising children than those in the Northeast or West Coast. Perhaps there is more social pressure to have a lineage in the South. The story focused on Jacsonville FL (which I last visited myself in 1993).

Non-white women and women of Hispanic origin are more likely to bear children than non-minority women, the story notes.

The issue of gay parenting is becoming double edged.  Laws outlawing gay adoption or foster parenting have been challenged and struck down in some states (including Florida, where Rosie O’Donnell tried to adopt). But arguments about “sustainability” are leading to the notion that child-rearing is now a responsibility that ought to be shared by everyone.  The notion is also linking up to eldercare, as extended families may be better able to deal with this growing challenge.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court refused to hear a case requiring Washington DC to hold a referendum on gay marriage, Christian Science Monitor story here

Picture: Atlanta Pride on Peachtree St, June, 2004. 

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