Sunday, January 09, 2011

My visit to the Scorpio in Charlotte (a safe place for soldiers during "don't ask don't tell"?)

While in Charlotte, NC last week, I visited the Scorpio (link ) on a weeknight, Wednesday. People started arriving about 10 PM.

I had last seen the huge club in 1994. It still looked familiar, especially the outdoor patio area. The club is located NW of downtown, where 27 (Freedom Drive) meets I-77. The “Queen City” Dubai-like downtown is just out of sight from the club, which is in a ravine.

There seemed to be two big dance floors, on one level, and a pool room, and a visible makeup area for the performers (as if “Black Swan” were to play).

In the past, military men sometimes came to Charlotte from military bases to the East and South to escape the nosey NCIS investigators prone to look for cars with military license plates in gay bar lots (I have seen the Friends lounge (Facebook link) (in Jacksonville, NC, near Camp Le Jeune) from the outside once, back during a car road trip in 1992. In the 1990s (when I was writing my book), “everybody knew” that the Scorpio had a lot of military clientele.

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