Saturday, February 12, 2011

Anti-gay attitudes in Jamaica lead to requests for asylum while Uganda situation brews

While the press has paid a lot of heed to the horrific anti-gay laws proposed in Uganda (and the recent targeting there), today (Feb. 12), the Washington Post has a story by Shankar Vedantam about gays from Jamaica seeking political asylum in the United States.

Of 92 gays and lesbians who won asylum in 2010, one third were from Jamaica. The article relates an incident where one person here created a Facebook page identifying himself as gay and having links to family members back in Jamaica.  He deleted the page when a cousin warned him that his mother would face “retribution” back in Jamaica but later recreated it without mention of his former life in Jamaica.

The link for the story is here

On Monday, Feb. 14, The Washington Times carried a major front page story by Ioannis Gatsiounis in a "special" to TWT, about the slaying of David Kato Jan. 16, link here.

There are still bills afloat to force parents to "turn in" gay children or renting to known homosexuals, measures that bring back memories of the worst of McCarthyism in this country. One wonders, "why?"  TWT article reads "Uganda ... faces a crisis in drawing a distinction between opposing homosexuality and condoning violence committed in the name of that opposition."  Ask the question, "what are 'they' opposing it for"?  Vicarious immortality?  Tribal values?   Sounds like the Taliban to me. 

Pictures: Scenes from the Friday night bash (called "Boys Life") at Cobalt DC.  Rated PG-13 by Western standards.

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