Wednesday, February 09, 2011

CPAC has a media circus over participation of GOProud; others see "gay conservative" as "oxymoron"

The somewhat artificial alliance of American conservatism – economic, defense, and social, seems to be unraveling according to recent stories about the desire of some components of the CPAC, or Conservative Political Action Committee, to unseat GOProud, a group of “Gay Conservatives” with likely ties to Log Cabin Republicans, or sometimes to the Libertarian Party or to Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty (GLIL) which will be 20 years old Feb. 12. Remember it was the LCR (Republican) lawsuit that seemed to point the way to the final unraveling of "don't ask don't tell". 

Stephen Dinan has a headline story in the Washington Times on Wednesday Feb. 9, but the content of the story is far tamer than the hysteria of the headline suggests. Sarah Palin says she thinks conservatism should be inclusive, and the Tea Party has supposedly stayed away from the “religious” idea of family values.
B. Daniel Blatt offered an interpretation of the TWT story at Gay Patriot today, here

There has always lived a certain kind of person who needs to see others play by the same rules that he has to follow and follow the same path in life that he does, for own life, with its sustained commitments, to mean anything.   

A subtitle of my own 1997 book was "A Gay Conservative Lashes Back" although an Amazon reviewer called me neither conservative nor libertarian (what does that leave? -- my main blog, Jan. 2, 2007). 

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