Saturday, February 26, 2011

Washington Time runs "record rants" that invoke the world of the 50s; Obama appoints openly gay WH social director

Both Jeffrey T. Kuhner and Robert Knight offered interchangeable rants not only against gay marriage but (as Kuhner put it) against “Obama’s homosexual America” in “The Washington Times” commentary last week.  Kuhner’s link (Friday Feb. 25) is here and he talks about a “homosexual society” as a “childless one “doomed to extinction”.

I’m still left with a couple of strong impressions when I see these sorts of tracts. One is the idea that, if others aren’t going to have to play the game of life by “my rules”, then I can’t play it either.  That is, if others have the freedom to enjoy intimacy for its own sake (not just for prolonged support of family and procreation) to the point of same-sex or disparate-aged relationships (“upward affiliation”), then “I” won’t be able to keep a marriage together for a few decades myself and share a family  bed with someone as we go old together.  

Another impression is the logical antithesis of the “equality” (or HRC equal sign) debate. A lot of people see a society as dependent on elimination, almost in the way of ancient Sparta.  Or consider Joseph Nicolosi (he actually appeared on Dr. Phil) whose 2002 book I discussed on Jan. 21, 2009 on my Book Review blog. He speaks of “gender deficit” as if it were part of the measure of a man (and not as Clay Aiken means it), an excuse to cut someone out of participation in society as unworthy. That’s essentially fascist thinking, which ran away in Europe in the 1930s.  Yet, turn that around, and you have a moral objection to “upward affiliation.”
I guess this is “their” opinion.

On a happier note, The Washington Post reports Saturday morning Obama’s appointment of the first male and first openly gay (both, separately) social director for the White House, Jeremy Bernard, 49, in a story by Roxanne Roberts and Manuel Roig-Franzia, link here

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