Monday, March 21, 2011

Steny Hoyer's Keynote Address at SLDN Dinner now on YouTube

Steny Hoyer’s keynote address at the 2011 SLDN Annual Dinner is now available on YouTube (15:55). It was delivered just before the meal.  The video is a joint effort with Metro Weekly

Hoyer tells a story of an ROTC student with Middle Eastern Language experience who quit ROTC because of DADT, who may be able to go back because of repeal. He said that his committee is helping oversea the certification of the repeal. At the end of the address, he spoke for the need to be vigilant for the freedom of all.

Hoyer received the Anna M. Curren Service Award.

SLDN has its own press release today giving an account of the Annual Dinner, with link here

 More than 1300 guests attended an event titled “Making History, Moving Forward”.

SLDN also presented singer and songwriter Lady Gaga with the Randy Shilts Visibility Award.  Shilts, recall, authored both “Conduct Unbecoming” (1993), and “And the Band Plays On” (1987) as well as “The Mayor of Castro Street”, now a film.   Lady Gaga recently performed at Washington’s Club 9:30 (near the Town DC), which I also missed.  I’ll have to get better again at getting to things.   I suspect she will show up at some point at the Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village in NYC; doesn’t everybody?

The SLDN YouTube channel has a number of other videos, link here

Metro Weekly also has several videos of the dinner, such as this address by Barney Frank, link, (8 min), as well as a 2 minute clip where Mike Almy accepts the award for Lady Gaga, while her remarks are shown on the Jumbotron.  Frank's best line is "don't be stupid".

Also., SLDN has a panel on Flickr with pictures and videos from the dinner event, link.  

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