Saturday, March 05, 2011

Town-DC has big Friday variety show, huge early turnout; a note about nearby 9:30 Club

The TownDC Club at 8th and U Streets in Washington DC had one of its biggest Friday evening bashes ever, and it started early. Downstairs was packed by 10:30 PM. Friday is "college evening" (euphemism, call it "invasion of The Kids"); it seems like college age men now average about 6' 4" or so, a marked increase since the days of my own coming of age. Are people getting taller? Is this preparation for "The Event"?    

Instead of the usual “James Franco-esque” drag show (at the Oscars, Franco didn't have anything to lose, did he), there was a Glee Stage Show, with music by “Back2Back”. There were about 10 variety dancers and performers, with some music similar to that played on Sirius XM (like “Just the Way You Are” [Bruno Mars]).

There was more black tie variety upstairs occasionally, along with “dancers”.  But in Washington DC, patrons have to remain circumspect (that wasn’t the case in Minneapolis).  Remember “The Edge” and “The Wet” in the days before Nationals Park?

The musical and visual impact of the show was similar to that of a free show at “Poisson Rouge” in NYC (see my “Drama Blog”, Oct. 19, 2010).

About half the people who approach me at clubs are heterosexual women (a lot of them go to gay discos in DC); and conservative author George Gilder's explanation (in "Men and Marriage", 1986) seems relevant: many young women really want older men (even gay men) who may be financially, socially, politically, and "morally" stable and powerful, or at least established.  They don't "notice" the imperfections (or what Dr. Phil calls "tissue death") apparent when I am compared to a 21-year-old.

The club parking lot was already full at shortly after 10 PM.  I was told that this was because of an early show at the nearby “9:30 Club” on V Street.  I checked that venue and found, again, a list of “Poisson Rouge”-style shows, for example “Lady Gaga vs. Madonna vs. Kylie” next weekend (link)   (The Scissor Sisters party Monday is listed as sold out.)  It appears that the venue might appeal to upcoming artists when they come to DC. I’ll cover this venue later on another blog.
Fortunately, I found free parking immediately just across Florida Ave. on 8th Street, but I wonder what will happen in Metro stops after midnight weekend service soon because of  (GOP) budget cuts.

Elektra Records allows a free YouTube  embed of the Bruno Mars song.

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