Sunday, March 27, 2011

TownDC's show is more like a "paintball" party

Saturday night, I got out for an entire evening, after my mishap the weekend before and missing the SLDN annual dinner, making it up (like making up a test in school, maybe) by watching videos of the event online.

After a movie at Landmark (“I Am” – movies blog) and encountering partiers from the Verizon Circus, I got the Town for the “underwear party”, which turned out to be more like a “paintball party”, like something you might have seen on “Jake 2.0” on UPN a few years ago. Paintball is a pretty macho form of recreation. The military likes it.

I ran into a friend in "the establishment", and I can only say that the world is an even more dangerous place than I imagine.  

The club started getting really busy about 12:30.  There were more females (and more “straights”) at this occasion than usual.  It looked like a scene for the mainstream movies.  

Did it with Metro this time.  

And it looks like I just beat the "last" March snow home.  

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