Sunday, April 10, 2011

TownDC has an "outed sailors" party upstairs

I didn’t encounter TownDC’ progressive dinner party (I got there about 11), but upstairs (which didn’t open until midnight), there was a kind of “repeal don’t ask don’t tell” party, with many men dressed as sailors, but in shorts – gams in good condition only, please. (It was still around 50 degrees and dank outside.)  There was also a huge UFO hanging from the ceiling, something right out of Spielberg’s “CEIII”, as well as some dancers made up as Avatars (but silver rather than blue).   The message: maybe the purveyors of NBC’s “The Event” aren’t wrong, and our next battle will be extraterrestrials. Or maybe tomorrow’s military will wonder about unit cohesion on a spaceship with a 6 month journey to Mars. How does DADT play out in the space program now? I wonder.

Don't forget: legally, "DADT" is still in effect. Discharges can still happen. 

Orange Line was packed as I came home at 2 AM, because of a show at the Armory (RFK).  And someone was whistling that catchy tune from “Hanna” on the Metro. 
Pictures (above): remember, on Pandora, the ideas about what "matters" won't be the same as ours. 

Also: Many of the Navy "uniforms" or other T-shirts last night had back-door pictures reading "COBALT DC" and "NELLIES".  

Any the exercise really got vigorous last night.  

If you want to see a lot of 30-inch waistlines (or even less  -- that "Andrew Garfield" look from Details, GQ or "Social Network"), go to a gay disco:

These camera's won't snap quickly in low light. As for "Yours Truly", it's more like 34 inches, but that keeps me off of "Sami's" program on NBC.

And now it's movietime. Sorry, no IMAX 3D. You have to go to AMC or Regal (or the Smithsonian, now that the government stayed open) for that. 

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