Tuesday, April 05, 2011

VA governor considers allowing gay couples to adopt, despite "conservative" reputation

Virginia governor Robert McDonnell, already controversial as a “conservative Republican” who seemed willing to compromise equal rights for gays in Virginia with scrapes in the past, is now considering a change in regulations that would allow gay couples, not legally married (impossible because of Va.’s recent constitutional amendment -- Marshall-Newman) to adopt children.

Currently Virginia rules allow only singles (who can be gay) and legally married couples to adopt, but not cohabiting unmarried couples.

The Washington Post story by Anita Kumar appeared April 5, here

Of course, there is a debate.  Are two committed parents always better than one?  Do they have to be a “mother and father”?

Another part of the debate is whether faith-based "private" agencies can follow their own belief systems when placing children for adoption.

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