Thursday, May 12, 2011

More on the House Armed Services Committee Hearnings

Chris Johnson has a detailed discussion on the Washington Blade of the three amendments accepted by the House Armed Services Committee Wednesday.  The link is here

The most innocuous was to try to accept the “old” DOMA definition of marriage (as one man and one woman, biologically) for DOD purposes.  Another was to ban gay marriages on military installations. The Navy recently had backed away from a contingent plan that would allow same-sex marriage in Navy chapels, but would have allowed chaplains not to perform marriages that conflicted with their own religious conviction.  Ed O’Keefe and Craig Whitlock had written a story on this matter just before the hearings in the Washington Post, here. The issue has become legally controversial because the Obama administration has said it cannot continue to defend the constitutionality of DOMA.

 It strikes me that it would be a long time before such a ceremony is likely to occur in practice. 

The main provision would require service-level “certification” from the individual service chiefs over the “Nunn-Moskos” concerns, now so hackneyed. 

Also, check Rep. Andrews yesterday on CSPAN, "if you love your country, who you love in your private life is irrelevant".  We actually tried to say things like that back in 1993. What happened?  CSPAN link (website url) here. (From Twitter by Rep. Andrews.)

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