Friday, May 06, 2011

Pete Stark introduces bill to end discrimination in adoption and foster care placement

Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) has introduced a bill, the “Every Child Deserves a Family Act”, which would bar discrimination against prospective parents (as individuals or as couples) by sexual orientation, for both adoption and foster care placement.  Chris Johnson has a story at the Washington Blade on May 3 here.

The Huffington Post has a similar story here, noting that a number of states continue to make it hard for gays and lesbians to adopt.   And “ThinkProgress” has an article showing Stark’s bill as a reaction to Senator Santorum’s anti-gay adoption stance, here.  In Florida a few years ago, a gay male couple had provided foster care for several children with HIV but was not allowed to adopt them. 

Stark's announcement is here.

The bill has been introduced before, in 2009 and 2010. In 2010 it was HR 4806 and 3827.   In 2011 it's HR 1681, here on govtrack.  PFLAG's blog entry on the bill is here.

The 3827 bill in 2011 attracted some snarky comments on the Open Congress blog, here.

The next question would be, if LGBT people will the universal right to adopt, will there be pressure to use it?

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