Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Senate Armed Services Committee meets, overwhelmed by other matters besides "unrepeal"; Presbyterian Church may allow active gay clergy

You can watch the House Armed Services Committee hearings now, and the wayward attempt to “unrepeal” the “don’t ask don’t tell” repeal may come up, link here

If you are a visitor familiar with the issue and have a good relationship with your Representative, this would be a good time for an email letter on the issue.

It does sound as if the Committee is really much more concerned about other matters, like whether Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are safe, given Pakistan’s “performance” recently.  It should be concerned about these questions.

I can only say that Senator Levin from Michigan was right, prospectively: there are gay men who certainly could have passed the Navy Seals physical, and who could have been part of the team on May 1.  We just don’t know who was on the team and will never know.

The AP is reporting that the Presbyterian denomination, in a Minneapolis meeting, has effectively removed the requirement that legally unmarried clergy remain abstinent, paying the way for gay clergy. The story (with details about  various denominational votes)  is here. The story is by Rachel Zoll. 

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