Sunday, May 08, 2011

A visit to Baltimore's Grand Central near the Maryland Film Festival

After watching two films at the Maryland Film Festival May 7 at the Charles Theater complex, I walked up (past Pennsylvania Station on Charles and St. Paul Streets) the Grand Central and visited the club again. It now has a small third floor dance floor, which remains lighted.  On the first floor, the other dance floor seemed to be having a “ladies night” and the music sounded Aboriginal (Australian), and may have come from the Australian Shpongletron (or the native Corroboree dance, actually set to classical music by John Antill), which I discussed on my drama blog May 3 reviewing a show at the Club 930 in Washington.  That particular music encourages a very athletic style of less intimate dancing.

The quiet bar adjacent to the small upstairs dance floor was showing, on one flat plasma screen, a PBS POV airing of "A Film Unfinished", about the Holocaust.  It caught my eye because of the German text on the screen. I thought this was an odd thing to be showing at a bar, but it may have been by accident. 

The Grand Central (site), "The Distinguished Alternative", used to be called the Central Station.
On the way driving back from Baltimore, leaving the city, at 1:30 AM, I saw a homeless man walking in the traffic lane of busing Martin Luther King Driver, and then another man in a wheelchair, out in the middle of a 40 mph traffic lane. The Baltimore police let this go on?

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