Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baltimore's Pride: Block Party more crowded an ever, short but colorful parade

Well, I got to “church” on time, that is, the Pride Parade in Baltimore yesterday, compared to my “performance” last week in DC.  Using private transportation helped – a private car going 50 miles seems to be more dependable than Metro going six miles during track work and single tracking.
For parking, I wound up in Penn Station ($14), where Amtrak was making a commercial video outside.

It's just a ten minute walk from the Station to the heart of the Baltimore's community" Charles and Eager Sts.

Nearby, on Charles Street, there was another community celebration called "Be Sure".

One irony was that the Baltimore Orioles were losing at the same time in Washington to the Nationals, winning their eight straight. It seems that the rule is, don't have Pride and home town baseball in town at the same time. 

There was a lot of orange in the parade – not ING, but orioles, and politicians. Although Charles Street was crowded, the parade was fairly short.  Bears were in evidence.

There was a small outdoor disco at the far end of Eager Street.  

The Block Party was the most crowded ever. I went down to the Charles Center theaters – the Basque restaurant – when the lines for food were so long.  I went to the Hippo when the disco opened, but one had to exit from Charles Street, and get through a crowd that was impenetrable. The crowds could be better managed. 

But once inside the disco, I saw the “dirty dancing” as aggressive as anywhere.  The sunken floor was pretty packed by 10:30 PM.

The Hippo also offered a drag show and Karaoke bar, in the "free" part of the property.  Saw at least one Boy Scout uniform, don't know if it was for real.

Outdoors, there was mess when the Block Party ended.  Maybe that's normal.  It seems like a shame.

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