Monday, June 13, 2011

Capital Pride festival holds off the lightning storms: two stage areas, two beer gardens

The Washington DC Capital Pride is said to be the third largest in the nation (is Minneapolis in Loring Park first?).  On Sunday, June 12, the festival was well attended in oppressive humidity, which started to become relieved around 3 PM as breezes from a cold front approached. The thunderstorms, with copious lightning thar caused widespread power outages in Arlington Sunday night (the Ballston Common was shut down) only briefly affected the Pride Festival.  Outdoor evens in thunderstorms in areas not protected by very tall buildings could be dangerous.  

This year there were two “beer gardens” on either side of the performance stage, near the front. But there was also a small Family Area. 

The Event (pun attended – Sean Walker from the NBC series would have fit in) was to be non-smoking, even outdoors -- but I saw some (not just in the alcohol areas). When an attractive man takes out a cigarette – that’s depressing!

In general, some people’s personal  appearances, so compelling in a closed space like a disco or even an ordinary setting, become underwhelming in broiling sun and in a crowd.

Around 3 PM the Washington DC Gay Men’s Chorus performed two numbers, one with crutches juggled as a prop.  I believe that the first song was called “I Am Just Telling You” and it sounded a lot like the music of John Rutter  (it resembled one of the items in the Catherine-William wedding).  The other was jazzier.  If someone (as from the Chorus) can identify the pieces, please comment here.  The Chorus has an “It Gets Better” video.  Try this link

There was also an Arts Stage that was playing a jazz concert when I popped in.  I think the group was DC Different Drummers playing a show called “Turn the Beat Around” (link).   Again, I hope someone from DCDD can identify the exact music.

The most complete description of the performances seems to be at Metro Weekly, here
 Note also the satire of Sarah Palin:

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