Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ninth Circuit upholds most of LCR injunction against DADT (one exception)

Late on Friday, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld part of the injunction against “don’t ask don’t tell”, that part prohibiting discharge of gay servicemembers. But it did allow recruiters to bar enlistment of people who voluntarily declare they are gay. The Washington Blade has the full story by Chris Johnson here

Log Cabin Republicans linked to a different account on its webpage (for its own suit), here

As noted in my posting July 16, last weekend I visited the Visitor's Center at West Point NY, then the exterior grounds of the Coast Guard Academy at New London CT, and the Nautilus at Groton CT.  I did visit the Air Force Academy in 1973, and the Naval Academy several times (like 1988).  (Coast Guard is said to be physically tougher than Navy; I knew an openly gay graduate in the 1990s.)  That leaves the Merchant Marine Academy, near New York City, but hard to get to on a weekend trip. 
Update: July 17

Look at the New York Times article on p A15 today on the scene for same-sex couples involving members of the military, after DADT repeal (assuming it goes through), link, story by James Dao.

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