Saturday, July 02, 2011

Town DC gaudy with patriotic colors for Fourth Weekend, attracts crowd on Green line from Nationals Park after sudden Nats win

Last night (“hier soir”) I picked up the crowd from Nationals Park on the Green Line on the way to Town-DC (I had been to see “Page One”) and many of them, mostly female, actually followed me off the stop at U Street to TownDC.  Nobody already in the club knew about the Nats’ walkoff win tonight, first win for new manager Davey Johnson, who made an odd comment about his bench that sounded a propos “  And on The Nationals Journal for the Washington Post, manager Davey Johnson made a comment that sounds a propos, about what he wants to see or have on his bench (story by Adam Kilgore): He wants “a guy sitting over next to me with a big, hairy chest”.  (Comma included --  wesbite url link.)  The Nats’ walk-off his had been a “Fenway Park single off the wall” lined by 43 year old veteran Matt Stairs.  The official scorer should give him credit for a double.

Alll of this happens on 18+ night at the Town, where it seems most people have the wrist bands anyway. (It’s more expensive, sometimes, for <21.), but where people often want to “look young”.   The performing drag queens, who used to announced Nats’ scores if you passed them on a cell phone, were busy with celebrating the Fourth – and with migrating from Myspace (where every entertainer had elaborate pages three years ago) to Facebook.  The club was quite gaudy (especially with the downstairs ceiling) with red, white and blue – it’s interesting how the psychological effect differs from red and green (Christmas and New Years).  This is the time for Charles Ives’s “Holidays” symphony, or maybe for gay author Clive Barker’s “The Thief of Always”.   It felt like the atmosphere before “The Tall Ships” which I attended in New York City in 1976 (by accident, it turns out).

I understand (I think I posted) that the Nats had won another walk off during a recent “Gay Night”. It seems as though the home team advantage of last bat is very real. 

On the way home, I encountered a "birthday party" on the Orange Line on Metro.  Not quite "The Boys in the Band".

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