Friday, August 26, 2011

DC Clubs have hurricane parties; weather still calm

I peeked in on the “Hurricane party” Friday night at Cobalt-30 Degrees in Washington DC.  The crowd was about the same as a typical Friday night, even though anyone staying at Rehoboth would have had to return because of Hurricane Irene approaching.

Rehoboth Beach, DE has been mentioned as one of the communities with a stronger presence of same-sex couples. 

The weather in Washington DC was humid and calm.  Tropical force winds are supposed to be around Saturday evening during party hours.  I think most of the utilities in the affected areas are underground and they really shouldn't have power outages.  Winds are likely to be a little less than the worst, maybe around 30 mph a lot, from the NE.  Still, a lot of trees in DC have very poor root systems, near sidewalks, and will fall, including those in the Dupont Circle and Shaw areas.

With a potential disaster in some areas of the East approaching, it's well to reconsider the ban on MSM's from donating blood.

From the video below, note the storms come from the wrong direction, the SE.

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