Saturday, August 06, 2011

Tonight, "On the Town", I "got it".

Well, the huge thunderstorms stayed stacked up by Southeast winds against the east flank of the Virginia Blue Ridge, and in Washington DC we just had a moist, warm but not hot evening with only drizzle, to go “clubbing”.

The drag queens at Town DC celebrated some birthdays, but no one tried to make fun of the politicians for the recent downgrade or near miss with making the US a deadbeat country.  No, things aren’t so serious here, even as they are on SNL, where Seth Meyers makes fun of all of them.  But I think Town DC drag queens could take a shot at impersonating the politicians (like Michele Bachmann).

Bill Bennett was the DJ upstairs, Wess downstairs. I saw someone in the Music Box wearing a T-shirt that read ‘Fitch”, which is one of the ratings agencies that didn’t downgrade “us”.

And, by the way, I “got it” tonight. Pictures (below) tell the story. It's not real common for me to buy people drinks, but I did treat with vodka and pineapple.  (No, I don't know my drinks; I've never been to bartending school. 

This time, parking in the Town Lot was easy. I was asked if it I was parking for Town or for Club 930, for which apparently the charge is different.  (For a discussion of 930, see my drama blog, May 3, 2010.)

It was all “festive.” 

I can remember that when I took piano in the 50s, my piano teacher said that "Allegro" means "gay and lively".  It was too early then for puns. 
As for the map that leads off this blog posting -- sorry, Virginia still has the Marshall-Newmann Amendment. 

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